Doc Mills

From the North

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When the World Ends

by Doc Mills

Released September 19, 2019. Recorded at Hoboken Recorders, Hoboken NJ.

Written and arranged by Doc Mills.

Produced by Doc Mills and Chris Koch.

Engineered by Alan Camlet.

Doc Mills: Vocals, guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, percussion.

Chris Koch: Lead Guitar on "These Bones." Washboard and Percussion on “St. Louis Cemetery #1.” Percussion on “Eponine.” Backing Vocals on “These Bones” and “Stranger.”

Dave Lockhart: Bass. Backing Vocals on “Stranger.”

Leenya Rideout: Violin. Backing Vocals on “These Bones.”

Alan Camlet: Drum and Percussion.

Jon Widgren: Pedal Steel.
Ted Maderfeld: Piano.
Justin Mullens: Trumpet.
Peter Hess: Clarinet.
Eli Chalmers: Trombone.
George Rush: Tuba.
M.D. Tuma: Backing Vocals on “Stranger.”

Cover art by Luke Graner