Doc Mills

From the North

I bet you’d listen then...

We pass through the world each day, blowing past thousands of people. Each of them is on a different journey. Some of them are looking forward to meeting friends. Maybe some got married that morning. But for some, the day is not so bright. Maybe a parent or close friend has recently died. Maybe they lost a job. Maybe they have months to live.

Pain is isolating. On our low days, we are numb to the world, to the point that it can feel as if even though we exist in the world, we have come apart from it. “When the World Ends” comes from a time when I felt apart from the world, when it seemed as if the whole universe was moving without me. And so I turned the tables, and envisioned a world where the opposite was true.


When The World Ends

I’m gonna walk the tracks
When the world ends
Got a different hypothesis to test
From the day when my best friend said
I’d be better off alone

I’ll sleep on your bedroom floor
In the house where your dad said
He don’t even hear that train no more
And when the roof caves in
I’ll pack my shit and go

Gonna push your piano
To the Broad Street Crossing
Turn my back to the blind curve bend
Wait for the rhythm, forty tons of percussion
Til it chokes the jangly melodies
I’m sending on the wind

I bet you’d listen then
Picture the splinters on the pavement
But this is just a fantasy
A thought experiment
’Cause no one drives the trains
When the worlds ends

I’ll sleep late on Sundays
When the world ends
Won’t have to worry
About the message that my absence sends
The flock is gone, nothing left to tend
Let us bow our heads and pray

Can I get a Hallelujah
Or a faint Amen?
Ghosts of the last tongue that lived
They are waiting in the shadows
They’ll be coming back again
To take from those with nothing left to give

That’s how it goes I guess
We live to make the next payment
Put it all on the fridge
And we circle days in red
But no one collects
When the world ends

I’ll drink a little more
When the world ends
I never did well
With moderation I guess
I’m gonna talk myself into missing
Everything that’s gone

And the flags fly in line
Red white and blue
Oblivious that something is amiss
And the sheriff’s car is burned out
By the lost soldier’s tomb
A sentry that succumbed
To the promise of bliss

That’s what the future is
Regrets and unrequited wishes
And it dies in the night
Despite what anybody says
No one comes to save us
When the world ends