Doc Mills

From the North

I’ve Howled from the north...

“Confession #11” was the only song in this collection recorded live. We did it in the first tracking session, and it never changed from there. As with my other “confessions,” #11 is austere. I see it as the link between this project and “Blades of Grass.”


Confession #11

There’s a wolf inside of me
Can’t let him out, ‘cause I know what he eats
He’s tied to a tree
And he’s hungry

So I’ve been drunk on country roads
Bloodied my fists in hand-me-down clothes
But I fixed what’s broke

I’ve never been a decent man
For all my sins, I’m sorry

There’s a wolf inside of me
Looks through my eyes
Tells me what he sees
He is tied to a tree
And he’s restless

So I have figured what it’s worth
Broken my nails in the anthracite earth
I’ve howled from the North
You heard me

There’s a wolf inside of me
He paints in red, and brown, and green
Convenes the evil things
And we listen

So I’ve collected every debt
Called every mark, and placed every bet
I have issued every threat
And I’m coming