Doc Mills

From the North

We will grow tall again...

"Blades of Grass" was recorded live. It was the first song I attempted in this session, and I kept the second take.

"Blades" is exceptional in two respects. The first came from process. Most of my songs percolate in my mind for months, and I often end up overhauling the original lyrics quite a bit. But I wrote "Blades" in about 25 minutes in one sitting, and never changed a word.

Second, "Blades" is a love song, and I don't write many of those. I knew as soon as I finished it that it would be the last song on the EP. I wanted its final line to be the last thing I had to say about the period of my life that spawned the other songs in this collection. I have never second-guessed that decision, either.


Blades of Grass

We are blades of grass
Drops in a sea of prairie
Bramble and chokecherry
We are small

But we grow tall
When we are left alone
And we dance in the wind
On the plains 

In the August heat
When it hasn't rained in weeks
You can lean into me
You can drink

From my cheek
And when Dakota thunder rolls
Big sky as black as coal
We will wait

Maybe we catch a break this time
Maybe the lightning tethers us to life
Or maybe the hand of God writes his name on our plot
I don't care if he does I'll still feel you there 

In the end
When the sun has baked us brittle
When we're brown and gold and yellow
Don't despair

I will throw seeds to the air
I will ride the Northern wind
To a place beyond the fences
Look for me there

In the first rays of light
When the sun kisses the ridge
Color explodes around us
We slip the cold of night

With our faces to the sky
We will entwine our stems
We will push forever upward
We will grow tall again