Doc Mills

From the North

We knew you couldn't hear, but we still yelled your name...

I wrote "Back Around" fairly fast, in mid-November of 2016.

I write almost everything on the guitar, and that was the case with "Back Around" as well. But once I circulated the demo, my old friend Ted Manderfeld suggested that I should move it over to the piano. I am really glad I took that advice. I banged my way through "Back Around" on a beautiful Steinway that I didn't deserve to play.


Back Around

I thought I saw you
Guess that's always true
But there's space between you
And the one that I knew

When I ran with you
Through the birchwood grove
We were blinded by snow
But we found our way home

You offered your hand, and I had to take it
You were out of my league but I thought I could fake it
I'm digging in the frozen ground
Will you be back around

Then you got lost
Couldn't find the way
We knew you couldn't hear
But we still yelled your name

You never came back
Least you haven't yet
But I know that you will
See I never forget

When you turn down my drive I'll be there
Listening for your footstep on the back stair
I'll be sitting upright at the slightest sound
Will you be back around